AGENCY: various
Below are a selection of images I have retouched at various agencies. 
The brief was to make the ice cream more 'frozen' and replace the raspberries with frozen ones.

The brief was to first of all make the image more vibrant, add in some cranberries and add in some festive lights to the background.

The client wanted to remove all the ice from the smoothies and the table and then add in some more mint leaves in the corner.

I was given a cad file of an area that was going to be developed by the client. They wanted to beautify the map for a presentation. This was done in Illustrator.

This was was sketched by one of the architects at the firm, my job was to colour in the image in Photoshop and add in all the correct shadowing.

The client needed all the reflections removed from the windows.

This was turned from an image from Google Earth to 'DHL World' - you can see the full project in the DHL section of my site. 

This was turned from a Shutterstock image of the Earth in to 'DHL World' - you can see the full project in the DHL section of my site.

The brief was to take the original image and turn it into a night scene where all the windows were falling into place.

The image we were provided with from the client was cropped off at the head so I had to recreated the missing part using other assets that were available, close her mouth, change the background colour and add the tools in.

This was a mock up created to show how an in-store touchpoint would work to display the release of a new Dunhill pack.

The client needed a new visual for their new bag. I was tasked with photographing the bag as well as the art direction and concept for the visual. As there was no budget for a studio or set this was mocked up in Photoshop.

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